Once you notice you cannot login to your Sniffie account there are several common reasons for that. Here are the most common ones that help you to troubleshoot your login issues for Sniffie. Make sure that you have a working internet connection and that you can get to the login page at https://www.experimental.sniffie.io/

Here are some of the most common login issues and links to guides to resolve them

  1.  Is the Sniffie service reachable?
  2.   Is Sniffie website blocked in your network?
  3.   Is Javascript enabled in your browser?
  4.  Are cookies enabled in your browser?
  5.  Are you using correct email and password?
  6.  Is your account activated?
  7.  Is your account on a brute force timeout?
  8.  Password recovery initiated
  9.  Additional authentication required
  10.  Has your account expired?
  11.   Are you using an outdated browser?
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