What are Sniffie filters?

Sniffie filters are offered in all areas of the service where you need the option to filter down your selection or dataset.

This article will cover following topics:

General info about filters

How to use Sniffie filters

Global filters

Advanced Global filters

Local filters

How to remove used filters

Toggle search bar

General info about filters

In general, Sniffie has four types of filtering options:

Filters will drill down into you data set and select only the data you are selecting with filtering. You can select several filters at the same time and that way combine different filters to create a data set you want to use.

Sniffie has two main types of filters that you can use: global filters and local filters.

When using global filters your data set is shown according to the active criterion in all areas inside Sniffie where you navigate. Global filters can be found from the top side of Sniffie under the filter icon.

Local filters can be used in, for example, your dashboards' widgets - when local filters are used, they override global filtering. Local filters can be accessed, in the case of widgets, by first clicking "edit widget", then clicking on the filtering icon inside the widget.

How to use Sniffie filters

  1. Click the filter you want to use

  2. Select select filter type (basic and/or advanced)

  3. Select filter value. In advanced filtering you can select additional rules to filtering.

  4. Click Apply. The filter changes to active and all data is fetched using that filter.

toggle filters

Global filters

Global filters are the most powerful filters in Sniffie. With global filters you are able to search for detailed groups of products as specific as you want (for example, search per category, website name, brand...etc). Once global filters are activated they get applied to all the dashboards, price matrix and also product catalog. You can also use advanced filters under the "Global filters" -menu.

toggle filters

You can find global filters from the right upper corner, next to your account settings.

Advanced Global filters

Sniffie advanced filters are also accessible under the global filters with a sign of "+" However, Sniffie advanced filters are also accessible in other product features such as "Inputs". If you are searching for a product by name for example, we recommend using the advanced filters. Remember that advanced filters need to be activated first in the global filters view.

toggle advanced filters

Toggle advanced filters on and off, in the "Global filters" -view.

Local filtering in tables outside product catalog

Your product catalog and dashboards are filterable by Sniffie's global filtering system. This means that is you are dealing with data other than products (e.g. product tags), global filters don't apply. You need to use Sniffie's local table filtering systems.

How to use local filtering system

  1. Login to Sniffie.

  2. Navigate to a page that has local filterable table. Product tags is one, for example.

  3. At the top right of the table, you have a filtering icon. It's the same icon as the global filters have, but inside the table card. Click the icon to open local filters for that data (image below).

  4. A filtering row appears. Click the plus icon to create a new local filter. Local filtering system uses Sniffie's advanced filters.

  5. When you save, that filter is applied to the table. You can see how many filters are active for that table in the number on top of the local filtering icon at the top right of the screen.

local filters

A local filter "tag equals Phones" applied to the personal tags table.

How to remove used filters

  1. Global filters = open the filters from the icon and click on "Clear all filters".

  2. Local filters = inside a widget, for example, click "x" to remove active filters.

  3. Filtering is now inactivated and all data is fetched without using filtering

    clear global filters
    clear local filters

Toggle search bar

Sniffie speed search bar allows you to search for data as fast as possible. Just write your search terms (product code or category etc.) in the search bar and Sniffie will give you the closest match.

toggle search bar

Search bar can be toggled on by clicking the magnifying glass next to "Global filters".

search results

Search bar will give the best possible match to your search terms.

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