What is a product tag?

Product tag is a feature built into the Product Catalog that let’s you easily group and segment your data according your own needs. Although you have categories built into core of Sniffie, you might want to also create different types of groupings for analysing and reporting purposes. This is done easily with Product Tags. You can create with any desired dimension a group (Brand, Product Name, Product size etc.) a group and then tag those in a group. The tag is then saved into your Product Tag Manager.

Creating a Product Tag Group

First navigate into the Product catalog. Then use global filters on the top right of Sniffie and use them to filter down your data so that you have your selected products featured in the Product Catalog and ready to be selected. Utilize general filtering options that appear when you click on the filter icon, if necessary you can also activate "Advanced" mode and filter with more customized criterion. Once you have applied filtering select the product or products you want to add to your Product Tag. Choose the product by checking the box on the right of the product information row. Once you select product in the catalog a toolbar opens noting how many items you have selected. If you are happy with your selection just press the Product Tag icon to save your Product Tag.

Removing a Product Tag Group

Product Tags can be removed in the Product tags that is storing all your Product Tags and product tag information. Start by selecting a tag and then click on the Thrash Can icon on the toolbar. The Product Tag is removed permanently from your account.

Product tags are private by default

Each tag you create is private to you by default. If you want to share your tags with other users in your organization, you need to share these in Product tags - choose the tag and click an upward arrow icon to share the tag to your organization. You can also subscribe to tags shared by others by selecting those tags and clicking + icon in the right.

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