Sniffie availability analytics gives you information on product availability. Please note that using the analytics requires you to have sniffed the availability information for each product and/or store you want.

How it works

When you define availability column in your sniffs. The availability is saved both in text as well as automatically converted to a numeric format. You can get the processed availability information out of your Sniffie database via Sniffie’s product feed.

Please note that Sniffie will currently not offer the ability for the user to translate qualitative availability to quantitative information. This will be offered in the future and will affect all availabilities retroactively. As of October 2017, Sniffie tries to convert qualitative information to quantitative by itself. This works the best should the availability be notified as a distinct quantity (e.g. “15 items in stock”). Otherwise, results may vary.

The overview of the availability page offers you the following:

  1. Product name
  2. Total availability of that product across all distinct stores.
    Note: Hovering over the cell displays the original availability text that was sniffed from the site.

How to get into detail

  1. Click on any product row.
  2. That product’s availability information will open with each row containing information for a distinct store and the historical figures in columns.
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