Sometimes prices and other extracted e-commerce data in product catalog are not updating. This guide will help you to troubleshoot the main cause for this and help you fix it. If you are not seeing any data in your product catalog, please refer to this article.

Are your data sources for the website in question still active?

One of the main reasons for prices not updating is the disabling of data sources. This could occur for a variety of reasons, such as the website being unavailable for a prolonged period of time or the website changing its page structure in a very big way.

To see whether the data sources are active, go to Inputs > Sniffs and filter the results based on the website you are looking at. 

Here you’ll see whether the extraction is still active by looking at the active column. You can activate the extraction again by clicking on the desired row, clicking edit and then selecting "Updated selected Sniff" then select the  “active” checkbox and save the results. Afterwards your extraction is scheduled for Sniffie again.

If you find no results for the website in question, you have deleted the data source and no data will update.

Has the website changed its navigation structure?

If the data sources are still active, you should then look at the raw extraction data. While still being at Inputs> Sniffs and having the website filter on, open the result by clicking the “expand row” icon at the left of the screen. There, you’ll see the raw extraction result and the time of the latest successful extraction.

If the extraction result does not contain your expected results, it’s time to go to the actual page to see what’s going on there. Close the opened row result and click the “Link” column in the raw data. You will be taken to the website where the data should be. If the website you are take does not contain any product data, you’ll know that the navigation structure has changed. You then need to update all your extractions to match the new url structure.

Has the website gone under a major redesign?

If the data is in the website, you may still find that the website has gone major redesign. Although Sniffie has built-in resilience for changes occurring in a website, sometimes major website redesigns (such as changing language from English to Swedish) will currently make it very hard for Sniffie to automatically reconfigure itself. In such cases you need to update all your extractions to match the new website structure.

Is the product in question still available at the website?

Sometimes the website has removed some of the products, so thus the data will not update. You can look for the product in the target website’s search and see if any results come up. If not, the product is no longer available at the website and the price for that product will not update. 

Do you get no rows in to the raw data of your new extractions?

Contact Sniffie support. This should never happen.

Everything seems good and prices are still not updating?

Just contact Sniffie support, we’ll look into the problem.

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