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This article explains product tags and how they can be used

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What is a product tag?

A product tag is a feature built into the Product Catalog which allows you to easily group and segment your data according to your own needs. Although you have some categories built into the core of Sniffie, you might want to also create different group types for analyzing and reporting purposes. With any desired dimension (such as Brand, Name, Product size etc.), you can create a group and tag it. This tag will then be saved into "Product Tags", which can be found in the drop down menu at the top left of your Products view.

Creating a Product Tag Group

  1. Navigate into your Product catalog

  2. Using global filters, filter down your data so that you have your desired products in the catalog.

  3. Select the product(s) that you want to add to your tag by ticking the boxes on the far left of the catalog.

  4. Once you start selecting products, a blue bar appears on the top of the catalog. On the far right of this bar, press on the icon of a tag (a black info box will say Add tags). A toolbar will then open up, in which you can type your tag's name, press enter, and save.

  5. Now you can select to Product tags from the left drop down menu and voilà! Your tag has been created.

Removing a Product Tag Group

Individual tags can be removed from Product tags, where all your tags are stored. Simply select the tag you wish to remove and click on the trash can icon in the upper toolbar. The tag will then be permanently removed from your account.

Product tags are private by default

Each tag that you create is private for you by default. If you want to share your tag(s) with other users in your organization, you will need to navigate into your Product tags and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the tag

  2. Click on the cloud icon in the upper toolbar.

  3. Refresh the page

To check if your shared tag was successfully saved you can select “shared tags” from the right hand drop down menu at the top left of the page. This opens up the shared tags view. This is where other users can find your shared tags.

This is also where you can subscribe to tags shared by others. To subscribe to a tag check the box to the left of the tag name and click the + icon on the toolbar. You have now subscribed to that tag.

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