Price history

An introduction to the price history widget

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Price history

Price history is one of our analytic widgets, which can be found in the Dashboards view. To learn more about widgets, check out this helpful article on creating and configuring widgets for dashboard analytics.

The price history widget shows you historical data corresponding to the price set for a selected group of products, brands, or other categories according to how you have filtered and/or grouped your data. The depth of this analytics is for the user to decide. The more data fields utilized in Sniffie, the more detailed the data analysis. The price history widget allows you to track average price development over a selected time period.

You can filter the data however you like. For example you can filer by product category, brand, website, etc... Average price is displayed as the default cell value. However, that can be modified to suit your needs. For example, you can change the widget settings to display the maximum price if you find that data more useful.

Another example of the widget

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