How to delete products

how to delete products step by step

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Sometimes you may want to clean up your Product Catalog. This process is quick and simple. Follow these instructions to delete products from your Product Catalog.

  1. Navigate to your product catalog.

  2. Filter down products using Sniffie's filters.

  3. Select the products you want to remove. You can select all from the top of the screen or you can individually select specific products.

  4. Click on the trash can icon behind the three dots at the right hand side of your view.

  5. Confirm your action, and delete.

  6. Your selected products have now been deleted.

Note: once you have deleted products from your product catalog, they will no longer appear in any of your analytics. Should you want some items back, please contact customer service through the chat icon bottom left of your page. We are always happy to help you.

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