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What to do if Sniffie's Intercom chat is not loading
What to do if Sniffie's Intercom chat is not loading

Detailed causes on why Intercom chat may not load for you. This article explains how to get Intercom to show up again.

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Sniffie's Intercom chat is the best way to get in touch with Sniffie's personnel. Sniffie's Intercom chat may not load if any of the following conditions are met:

  1. You have disabled Intercom scripts from loading with e.g. NoScript or uMatrix or other third-party script blocking software.

  2. You have strict tracking protection enabled in your browser and you have not whitelisted Sniffie's Intercom in your settings. This setting is enabled automatically in e.g. private browsing mode in Firefox.

In such a case, whitelist Sniffie's Intercom in your browser settings and in should load properly for you.

If the problem persists after whitelisting, please send an email to Sniffie's support via [email protected].

Intercom chat is located at the bottom left corner of the Sniffie app

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