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Price Matrix latest price change filter

Filtering out rows with no recent price changes in Price Matrix

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If you're looking to find out how to view only recent changes to your market data in the Price Matrix with, you've come to the right place!

Image 1: Price Matrix filters

First let's look at your Price Matrix filters:

  1. Open your Price Matrix view.

  2. To add a filter, click the filter icon in the toolbar

  3. In addition to the default toggle-filters you will see a + icon. Click it to open the filter editing dialog.

  4. To add a price change filter, click the filter icon in the tool bar to open the filter editing dialog.

Image 2. Filter editing dialog

To create a filter for only the most recent price updates follow these steps:

  1. First, select the filter type. In this case we want a Show rows with price changes filter.

  2. Then, select the operator. You have two options here: A fixed date OR a time relative to the current time, eg. last 14 days.

  3. Finally, select the date or relative time value and hit the Save button.

Now a new filter has been added to the filter row:

Image 3. Filter row with the new price change filter applied

Now all rows in your Price Matrix should have at least one cell with a price change. The changed cells are highlighted so you'll easily recognise them. Please note that the highlighting setting set in Price Matrix settings will be overridden when this filter is applied.

You can edit the setting of the filter by clicking it to open the filter editing dialog again or remove it by clicking the X icon.

Also note that the filters are saved per Price Matrix view, so when you switch from view to view, the filters might change as well.

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