Selecting Columns in Price Matrix
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Price Matrix is traditionally used for comparing market prices on a product level. However, you can also display internal data such as stock levels, purchase prices, margins, etc. Having all your vital data in one view is fundamental when making informed pricing decisions.

To open up the column selector, click on the Price Matrix settings icon in the top right corner and choose Select columns.

In the column selection view, you will see two main sections: Visible columns and available columns.

Visible columns are all shown in the price matrix in the exact order indicated here.

Available columns are grouped by data type and include stores currently not visible in the Price Matrix, internal data fields as well as analytics calculated by Sniffie.

By default, the visible columns, which are currently shown in the Price Matrix, contain all websites + stores included in the current dataset along with market-level stats.

To remove a column from the visible columns selection, click on the X icon to move it to available columns.

All columns can be reordered by dragging them to the desired position. To add a new column to the visible columns, you can either click the column to move it to the end of the visible columns or drag it directly to the desired location.

You can also filter down the visible options by using the search field. When you are all set, hit “Save” to return to Price Matrix with your new selections. If you want to start over, click “Reset” to return to the original default configuration.

Note: column selections are saved individually for each Price Matrix view. This makes it possible to have different views for different types of data.

As always, if you need any further assistance be sure to contact our support team by clicking the chat icon in the bottom left of your screen. We are happy to help!

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