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If you have added your products to a passive AI strategy, then you are able to view the machine learning findings and use the price simulator.

Where to find the machine learning findings

  1. To view the machine learning findings first open your Product Catalog view. Click on the first selection list at the top left of the Product catalog and choose Pricing actions from the drop down menu. Click on the second selection list and choose Machine learning findings from the drop down menu. This opens a view where you can see all the price findings for products which have been added to the AI.

2. You can utilize local filters to sort for the products findings you wish to view.

3. If you wish to estimate volume, revenue and profit select your product(s) and then click on the Price simulator icon which appears behind the tree dots on top right of the tool bar.

4. Clicking the Price simulator will open the price simulator modal. From this modal you are able to forecast how a price change will affect your volume, profit, revenue. If the simulated forecast is appealing you also have the ability to manually run repricing from within the price simulator modal.

5. To confirm any desired price changes, set the price you want in the new price field then click the Run manual repricing button.

6. A confirmation menu for your pricing action will open. Define the price type for your action; Normal price or on Sale price. Schedule the price changes. Input your Sniffie account password, and click the confirm button.

That's it! Machine learning findings make it easier than ever before to optimize your pricing.

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