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Showcasing Your Commitment to Compliance for Your Customers
Showcasing Your Commitment to Compliance for Your Customers
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Displaying your commitment to compliance with the Omnibus Directive is a great way to enhance transparency for your customers! Feel free to use the following text snippet anywhere on your store or consider adding it to your general terms and conditions.


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Compliance with Omnibus Directive and Pricing Transparency

We are committed to full transparency and fairness in our pricing and discount practices. The following section highlights how we comply with the EU's Omnibus Directive.

As set in the EU Directive 98/6/EC, we show the lowest 30-day price on the product page once the product is discounted. For every displayed discount on our site, the discounted price is presented with the lowest prior 30-day price before the campaign started. We present the price with a date stamp from the actual day the product was sold with that price.

Our store uses the lowest prior price up to 60 days in consecutive campaigns. In some cases, we might also be showing the price history for our products so that you, as our customer, can transparently see how we have changed the price previously.

We also include all general discount codes for our lowest 30-day price calculations. However, it is important to note that this policy does not apply to individual discount codes that are not directed to the general public, have not been generally available, or are only limited, which may be issued on a case-by-case basis and are not indicative of the item's regular pricing.

With these terms, we want to provide our customers with transparent, honest, and fair pricing.

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