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How to set up tiered rounding rules to your account / market
How to set up tiered rounding rules to your account / market

This article explains how to set up the tiered rounding

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If you are working with products that have a lot of different price points and you have separate rules that you like to round with different price tiers, this guide explains how to set it up.

Please note that if you have a rounding rule in the strategies, that will take precedence over the account level rounding.

Setting up account level rounding

  1. Under the market / account selector, go to your Account settings. You can access this if you have administrative permissions.

  2. Under Custom column names there is a button to "Set up account level rounding". Click that.

  3. A dialog opens where you can add tiers to your rounding rules.

  4. Click the Add rounding tier button.

  5. A new tier appears in the dialog, as well as a test field where you can test items.

You cannot edit the "From" field, where the first tier always start at 0. The "To" field is editable, but if the value is empty, there is no limit (i.e. that tier goes to infinity). You need to select operator, and as well as create the rule.

From value is inclusive, and To value is exclusive. For example, "From" value 0 with a "To" value 9.99 means that any price that is above or equal to 0 but less than 9.99 is rounded with that rule.

The Rule field uses the same operator structure as the strategy action for rounding. The * character represents a wildcard (any number). For example, *.90 represents a rounding rule where all prices have to end with 90 in the decimal place. A rounding rule of *.*5 considers all prices that end with 5 in the decimal place (.05, .15, .25, .35, etc.).

You can test your rounding by entering a value to test with field. You will immediately see the rounding result in the result field. If the rounding rule is invalid or there is no tier for that value, the result will not round. For example, only setting up rounding to the value 0-9.99 means that any price above 9.99 is not rounded

You cannot add a new rounding rule tier until all fields in the rounding tier have valid values. If you add a new rounding rule tier, the from value always starts immediately from the to field.

You cannot save rounding rules until all checks have passed. You can edit the rounding rule anytime by going to the account settings to set it up.

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